A Sex Championship In Sweden? The Reality Of Viral News

A Sex Championship In Sweden? The Reality Of Viral News

The unconfirmed report was based on viral tweets.

Internet was abuzz with a bizarre news this week – Sweden is going to host a sex championship in June. The details of the news, which first emerged on Twitter, were carried by several news outlets. The report claimed that the event will begin on June 8 and span over several weeks, featuring participants competing for six hours every day. The news turned out to be fake, as according to Swedish news outlet Goterborgs-Posten, the proposal was rejected in April this year.

According to the Swedish outlet, there is a Federation of Sex in the Swedish country and its chief Dragan Bractic called for a championship to be organised, highlighting the physical and mental health impact of sex on human beings.

However, the federation’s application to become a member of the National Sports Confederation was denied, Goterborgs-Posten said in its April 26 report.

Mr Bractic had submitted the application in January this year.

“It doesn’t meet our requirements and I can inform you that this application has been rejected. We have other things to do,” sports federation’s chief Bjorn Eriksson told the local news outlet.

Mr Bractic runs several strip clubs in Sweden and hoped to classify sex as a sport.

What the reports claimed

The unattributed tweets claimed that the activities, or ‘matches’, were meant to have a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour. They further alleged that there would be 16 disciplines with each participant scoring 5 to 10 points.

The unconfirmed reports also claimed that 20 people had registered for the championship.

The Swedish authorities have not given any reaction or statement about this.

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