As budget session starts, PM Modi says polls have their own place, quality discussions in House must

Elections would continue to be held but Parliament sessions should be used for open and effective discussions, which would take the country on the path of progress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday as the budget session began.

“I know frequent elections would have its impact on the session and the discussions we are having inside. But elections will have their own place and the session has its. The budget session is an important session and we should make it as effective as it can be,” Modi told reporters ahead of the first day of the Budget Session outside Parliament House.

Modi said the current international situation opens up several opportunities for India and the country’s economic progress, vaccination programme against Covid-19 and India-made vaccines have built a trust for it across the globe. He added members of Parliament in this session could draw international attention to the issues that can take the country to a path of progress and economic development.

Calling for “open and well-intended discussions in Parliament”, the Prime Minister urged every MP to have discussions that would give the country a new direction.

“The budget presented in this session draws plans for the entire year. So, I appeal to all members and parties to discuss issues with a commitment to take the country forward in the path of economic progress,” Modi said.

The PM’s appeal comes amidst the opposition’s allegation that the government had misled Parliament on the issue of purchase of the Pegasus spyware from Israel. The Congress party has given privilege motion notices against Union IT Minister Ashwani Vaishnaw, who told the House that India had not bought the controversial spyware.

The budget session also is taking place at a time when the ruling and opposition parties are locked in a fierce electoral battle in five states, including politically crucial Uttar Pradesh.

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