Australian Teenager Suspended From School For Spraying Milk On Tourists In Viral Stunt

Australian Teenager Suspended From School For Spraying Milk On Tourists In Viral Stunt

The Victoria Police had also warned the teenager.

A school in Australia has suspended a teenager who threw milk on a group of tourists enjoying boat rides in the Yarra River. The “prank” offended social media users after several videos surfaced online. The 16-year-old unnamed boy was suspended after a thorough investigation by the police in the January 27 incident. New York Post said he was handed a “combination of suspension and other punitive action, reparation, apologies and counselling”. In the wake of the viral stunt, which has been viewed millions of times.

“We continue to have the firm view that this behavior was completely unacceptable and have treated the matter with the utmost seriousness,” Melbourne Grammar School said. It charges a fees of $20,000 a year.

The teenager had uploaded the footage of his prank on his Instagram account from where it started gaining traction.

One of the victims of the prank posted a videos shortly after the incident saying they were celebrating a friend’s birthday.

“You book a GoBoat for your friends birthday and some kid on the bridge above us pours a whole bottle of milk on us,” Veronica Burgess wrote in the TikTok video, as per the New York Post.

Standing on the Evan Walker Bridge in Southbank, he also sprayed milk on other people in the area.

Social media users were outraged by the act, calling for an online campaign to get the teen’s account blocked. The incident sparked huge debate on platforms like Reddit, TikTok and Instagram.

As a result of the outrage, all of the teenager’s social media posts, apart from one Instagram post, were taken down, said in a report.

The boy too got scared after his video started doing the rounds asking people to stop sending videos of him in the foul act to his school before he was ultimately expelled.

“Why’d you do this to me. You ruin my life over a ruined day, you upped the anti, I’m just a kid and you ruined my life. Too far,” the boy said after his suspension.

Victoria Police had also issued the boy a warning for unlawful assault.

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