Camila Cabello opens up about anxiety and things she ‘didn’t talk to anybody about before’

In a recent interview with Selena Gomez, Cuban-American singer-s0ngwriter opened up about her struggle with anxiety, calling it a “bad trip” and something “manifests as obsessive compulsive stuff”. Both Cabello and Gomez have been candid about going through mental health difficulties and also overcoming them.

Elaborating on how anxiety manifests itself, Cabello added, “In the moment, everything feels dizzying and overwhelming and like you’re on this ride thinking, Just help me get off. In my mind, it’s a loop, like obsessive compulsive stuff. In my body, it’s a tightness, almost like I can’t move, like my hands are tied and everything is just tied up.”

The interview, which is for Wondermind’s May cover story, delves deep into mental health and mental fitness as well as the shame and stigma associated with it.

In response to Gomez’s question on misconception about mental health, Cabello said, “People like my parents’ age have such shame about needing therapy or feeling anxiety. The stigma around saying that you need help is something that frustrates me because sometimes people can be like, ‘No, I don’t need that, I just need free time,’ or whatever. Obviously that’s valid, but just because you’re in therapy doesn’t mean something is more wrong with you than other people.”

Gomez also asked Cabello, 25, about the best mental health advice she has received, to which the Senorita singer said that it’s “faking or pretending is the worst thing for my mental health, personally. Saying the truth and being vulnerable and talking about it is basically what my therapist says to me in every session. Obviously, the therapy works because I do these things, I end up having the conversations or whatever.”

She also added that “finding people that you feel safe to say that around is the most relaxing thing. Ironically, when you feel very panicky, and somebody is like, “Oh, okay, that’s okay, I get that” it ends up slowly going away. Whereas if you feel like you’re in that situation and you can’t say anything, it just makes everything ten times worse.”

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