Can a menstrual cup get stuck in the vagina? Doctor explains why it’s not possible

Around the world, many people use menstrual cups during periods. An alternative to sanitary pads and tampons, cups are reusable and environment-friendly, too.

But, for those who have not started using them yet, menstrual cups may come across as intriguing and perplexing. What happens when it is inserted? How does one squeeze it in and pull it out? Most importantly, is there a chance that it can get stuck inside the vagina or get lost in the uterus?

These are common questions posed by non-menstrual cup users. Dr Tanaya, aka Dr Cuterus, took to Instagram to answer these frequently-raised questions and bust some myths.

“Your vagina is just a canal and not a black hole,” she joked, explaining that it is not possible to have something get lost in there.

In the video, she demonstrated how the cup is inserted into the vagina, explaining the role of the cervix. The doctor said it is like a gateway into the uterus, acting as a “bouncer” in a “super-exclusive club” — meaning, it makes sure nothing foreign enters the uterus just like that and stays there, except for “sperms”.

She also added that the vagina is “not an endless tunnel”, it has a “darwaza” (door), and the cup is unlikely to get lost there.

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