Children’s health: Dos and don’ts to protect kids from heatwave

The topic of heatwave is currently being discussed, owing to the rise in temperature in parts of the country. It should be noted that heat waves can bring with it a host of health problems, like dehydration, and one has to exercise caution while stepping out in the daytime and also when indoors.

One of the key things is to drink a lot of water, and to avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. While the heatwave can affect people of all age groups, it may be especially stressful for children and as such, some rules have to be followed, in terms of dos and don’ts.

On Twitter, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) shared the following safety points for kids, mostly infants; read on.

1. If you are travelling somewhere, do not leave your child in a parked car in the sun unsupervised. Vehicles can heat up rapidly to dangerous temperatures.

2. It is important to give your infant plenty of fluids to drink.

3. It is also important to identify heat-related illnesses in kids.

4. If you are wondering how to check for dehydration, know that a child will have concentrated or dark-coloured urine, which can indicate dehydration.

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