Chintan Shivir a failure, says Prashant Kishor, predicts electoral rout for Congress in Gujarat, HP

In a tweet, Kishor, who recently turned down the Congress’ offer to join the party, said: “I’ve been repeatedly asked to comment on the outcome of Chintan Shivir. In my view, it failed to achieve anything meaningful other than prolonging the status-quo and giving some time to the #Congress leadership, at least till the impending electoral rout in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh!”

This comes at a time when several senior Congress leaders came forward stating that the brainstorming session was a grand success.

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said the discussions of the political committee, set up to deliberate key challenges facing the party and the country at the Chintan Shivir here, saw views “passionately debated” with “amicable solutions found”.

The session also saw Congress leader Rahul Gandhi calling for a complete revival of the party to connect with the masses.

Along the same lines, former finance minister P Chidambaram, when asked whether the Congress failed to communicate to the people the failures of the present government, said: “We have failed to communicate to the people the distressful situation in which the country’s economy is. Yes, we admit that. We should sharpen our communication skills.”

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