Communal polarisation BJP ploy to distract people from real issues: Congress

Hours after BJP president J P Nadda lashed out at the opposition parties, the Congress hit back saying it is the saffron party and its government which continue to feed people the “opium of communal polarisation” by “inciting violence and hatred” to distract their attention from price rise, unemployment and a shattered hope for the future.

Talking about the politics of polarisation, Congress communication department head Randeep Surjewala said, “While parts of India are ravaged by riots and violence why is the Prime Minister so conspicuously silent? Why does he not denounce hatred no matter where it comes from? Why do perpetrators of hate get political patronage? Why are those who incite violence rewarded and, most of all, why are youth being incentivised to attack and abuse? Your attempts to perpetuate hate, stoke communal tension and divide are dangerous for our nation and our people.”

“As India celebrates the 75th year of country’s Independence, the last eight years will be marked in India’s history for a vicious attack on the Constitution,” he said.

Surjewala said the “BJP and its government have been and are at war with its own people, be it the youth, the women, the poor, the Scheduled Tribes, the Scheduled Castes, backwards and the minorities”.

He asked Nadda whether he does not have any remorse about “letting 23-crore Indians slip into poverty of which 4.7-crore Indians have slipped to extreme poverty”.

The party also accused the government of having compromised the national security. “Even today…Chinese continue to occupy important strategic places within our territory in Depsang Plains and Gogra Hot Springs,” Surjewala said.

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