Dental health: Avoid these seven foods to prevent teeth dicolouration

We all wish to have healthy, sparkling white teeth that dazzle when we smile. However, due to consumption of certain food items and lack of attention to dental health, teeth discolouration is becoming a common phenomenon. While many opt for a visit to the dental clinic to get their teeth whitened, avoiding certain foods can also prevent the yellowing of teeth.

“While teeth whitening is a popular option, most whitening products use chemicals to bleach your teeth, which concerns many people,” nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee wrote in an Instagram post. Further, she suggested seven food items that are best avoided for bright and white teeth.

*Black coffee – It stains your teeth, making them look yellow and dull.

*Tea – Just like coffee, tea can lead to teeth stains, if consumed on a regular basis. “Avoid black tea and opt for green, white and herbal teas which are healthier,” Mukerjee suggested.

*Red wine – According to the nutritionist, the acids in wine create rough spots and discolour the teeth.

*Colas – “Dark sodas, including diet, are harmful to teeth because of their staining colour,” she said.

*Golas and slushes – While summers tempt us to consume these icy food items, they are not good for your teeth. “Ice-cold beverages create a perfect plot for food colourants in slushes and golas to cause teeth stains.”

*Tobacco – Apart from being injurious to health, tobacco is harmful to your teeth, too. She explained, “Smoking or chewing tobacco causes dark brown or black stains due to coal tar combustion in the tobacco.”

*Soy sauce – Flavouring substances like soy sauce can cause teeth stains too.

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