Drunk Man Charged After Slapping Worker At US Restaurant Over Dress Code

Drunk Man Charged After Slapping Worker At US Restaurant Over Dress Code

The hostess sustained no injuries and declined medical treatment

A South Carolina man is scheduled to appear in court next month following allegations that, while under the influence, he slapped a teenage hostess at a restaurant in Walt Disney World Resort three times on the forehead. The incident occurred after the hostess refused to seat him due to the restaurant’s dress code. John Munro, 64, from South Carolina, faced charges of battery in connection with the altercation involving him and a 19-year-old hostess at Citricos within Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort in November.

Munro, previously the Vice President of Hospitality, Sales, and Marketing at the esteemed Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head, where he resides, has a background in luxury hotels. However, according to Karen Moraghan, spokesperson for the South Carolina property, Munro is no longer employed by The Sea Pines Resort, Fox News reported.

Karen Moraghan told the media outlet that Munro was placed on administrative leave “amid a review of this personnel matter.” 

As per the arrest affidavit obtained by Fox 35 Orlando, Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the resort on November 19, 2023, about a battery incident.

During the initial investigation, it was discovered that around 7:30 p.m., a restaurant hostess was assisting a family with a reservation for three. However, the group arrived with four individuals woman and two men.

According to the arrest records, Munro, one of the men, was identified as not adhering to the restaurant’s dress code.

Munro was wearing swim shorts and a T-shirt and Citricos website states that “guests are expected to dress accordingly in attire that respects the restaurant’s sophisticated and upscale aesthetic,” adding explicitly that swimwear isn’t allowed. 

Since Munro was wearing swimming shorts and a T-shirt he was told by the hostess that he would not be allowed to dine with his family. He expressed his willingness to comprehend the situation but mentioned that he would wait with his group until they were seated. The hostess accepted his request, but tensions heightened when she later escorted the group to their seats.

Deputies reported that Munro proceeded to follow the party of three to their table, despite being informed that he was not permitted to do so.

“Please don’t allow him to sit with us, he is drunk, underdressed, it’s my birthday, and I’m embarrassed,” one of the women told the hostess, according to the affidavit. 

When the hostess told Munro that he couldn’t sit with the group, he “began to repeatedly slap her forehead” three times while stating her name, which he read from the name tag on her shirt, deputies stated.

The hostess sustained no injuries and declined medical treatment, and wished to pursue charges, deputies said, Fox News reported.

The media outlet further stated that the deputies caught Munro, who they said was intoxicated based on his “slurred speech, glossy red eyes, and constant repeating that he was going to sue Disney”. 

Munro was arrested and released on a $1,000 bond the next morning.

Munro entered a plea of not guilty and is expected to appear in court for a pre-trial conference hearing on Feb. 16. 

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