Expert shares best foods for improved libido and sexual health

In a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine, lower sex drive or libido has been identified as one of the 62 symptoms of long Covid. Concurring, Ayurvedic expert Dr Rekha Radhamony said, “Especially after Covid, I have seen many patients complaining of low sexual health and libido.”

She added that sex is one of the three pillars of health — after food and sleep — in Ayurveda. Explaining the reasons behind lower sex drive, Juhi Pandey, fertility counsellor at Fertility Dost told, “For a person who is already battling fatigue and is unable to get back to his daily routine, having a lack of sex drive is very natural. Furthermore, social distancing, quarantine, anxiety, depression, and loneliness have also affected mental and emotional health. As a result, it affects sexual drive.”

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While many run behind supplements to aid their sexual health, Dr Radhamony suggests having food that enhances Agni “so that your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients from the food itself”.

Here are some foods you can consume for improved libido and sexual health, according to the Ayurvedic expert.

Pomegranate: It helps increase libido and the quality of reproductive fluids, if consumed daily. “Great for women trying to conceive,” she said.

Barley soup: It helps with boosting circulation to genital organs. It also helps in better erection in men.

Dates: The expert said that dates are great for men’s sexual health and fertility.

Black gram soup cooked with ghee and rock sugar: This is a medicinal recipe mentioned in Caraka Samhita to improve libido, she explained. She advised high Pitta people against consuming it.

Moringa: It is “the best for improving the quality of sperm and ovum”. She advised including moringa leaves and drumsticks in a cooked form in your diet.

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