From regular grooming to healthy eating: 10 best hygiene tips for men

Many men do not worry as much about their personal hygiene as they should, experts say. But, it should be noted that proper overall hygiene, and especially intimate hygiene, is linked to good health.

Men must take out time every day to learn about their bodies and to groom it and keep it clean. According to Manmatters, a digital health clinic for men, they need to prioritise intimate hygiene as much as personal hygiene as it directly impacts sexual health, well-being and fitness.

Poor intimate hygiene symptoms are foul odour, itching, excessive sweat, rashes, pimples, etc. As such, here are 10 hygiene tips that men ought to follow; read on.

1. Grooming regularly: Having a regular grooming routine is an essential part of men’s hygiene. Manscaping intimate areas is necessary because sweating can cause bacteria to accumulate. Develop a trimming routine. Begin by taking a hot shower and exfoliating your skin. This will open up the pores and make a close trim easier. Never use a razor to shave pubic area, as it will cause irritation and itching. Shower again to cleanse properly.

2. Moisturising products: You can either shave or use a gentle body lotion to minimise the after-effects. Before you begin shaving, apply a little foam or cream. Once finished, moisturise using a gentle body lotion. It is essential to moisturise the area to prevent bumpy skin, dryness, and irritation.

3. Gentle intimate washes: Soaps that are normally alkaline tend to change the skin’s pH. The intimate region is very delicate and prone to catching infections. Consider using gentle men’s intimate wash developed with the natural pH of the skin. They do not affect the area adversely, and by removing dirt and sweat, they maintain a healthy balance. Mild ones can be used every day.

4. Good underwear: Wearing clean underwear is important. You should also opt for the right fabric. Choose cotton over synthetic. A lightweight fabric will keep your private region dry and cool. Micromodal fabrics are exceptionally breathable and moisture well. They are super silky and feel light against the skin.

5. Wash up after: Not just before physical intimacy, but also clean up afterwards. This intimate hygiene tip is applicable for both you and your partner. Neglecting after-intimacy clean up can lead to serious health problems.

men, men's hygiene, hygiene tips for men, intimate hygiene for men, grooming for men, male hygiene, personal and intimate hygiene, men sexual and reproductive health, indian express news Manscaping intimate areas is necessary because sweating can cause bacteria to accumulate. Develop a trimming routine. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

6. Regular checks: Develop a habit of regularly inspecting your penis and testicles for any abnormalities. Bumps, redness, sores, blisters, and warts are things to watch out for. A change may indicate STDs, cancer, and other health problems. Although many lumps are not harmful, it is advisable to discuss them with a medical professional.

7. Fancy products: One must not test fancy products in the intimate region. Avoid soaps, shampoos, and scented products. These disrupt the pH balance. During summers, when you sweat a lot, you should also avoid products that contain chemicals and alcohol because they may burn the sensitive skin.

8. Communicate with your doctor: Consider getting a routine physical exam done at least once a year to maintain good sexual health. Sexually-active men should also request STD tests, regardless of whether they use protection.

9. Right clothes: Use loose cotton clothes that allow airflow. Wearing tight-fit clothes generates a moist and warm environment that promotes fungal growth. You might sweat a lot after playing sports, so make sure you change your clothes and underwear.

10. Eat healthy: You may be able to reduce sweat and foul smells by eating the right things. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, spinach, and kale help you smell better on the inside. Drinking water and green tea is also helpful.

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