Here’s how you can do an Ayurvedic detox during Navratri

The country is currently revelling in the spirit of Navratri, one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the country that is marked by immense joy, enthusiasm, and traditional rituals. But, along with enjoying this vibrant festival, one must also pay special focus to their health during this time.

This is because Navratri is celebrated twice a year during the spring and fall seasons – “the two major seasonal changes when our bodies become more susceptible to imbalances,” according to Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli. She explained that during this seasonal shift, “our doshas experience an internal variation in the body, and if we take care of our food habits and lifestyle, we can easily improve our immunity and strength, whilst detoxifying ourselves — physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

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Dr Kohli elucidated that Ayurveda advises following healthy fasting tips and consuming light and easily digestible foods during these days. “It will help to improve the digestive fire, detoxify the body of all the impurities and build the ojas of the body which ultimately reflects as an outer radiance or tejas.”

Here are some tips you must follow during Navratri

*For breakfast, you can have buckwheat dhokla, buckwheat chila or buckwheat dosa with mint chutney.

*Keep a copper water bottle with you, and try to stay hydrated at all times.

*Always try to have a wholesome lunch.

*Practise meditation for at least 15 minutes in your day.

*Always take a light dinner and try to finish your dinner before 8 pm.

*Choose your snacks carefully and try to stick to healthy options like fruits, makhanas, rajgira laddoo or chikki, sweet potato, etc.

“To keep your digestive system peaceful, start this method slowly. Don’t rush to start anything since it can harm your system,” she concluded by saying.

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