How breathwork can help manage stress, mood swings

Many a time, we feel overpowered by stress and worry, whether professional or personal. But it is extremely essential to feel relaxed and calm to manage the situation in a composed way.

As per integrative health coach Neha Ranglani, breathwork can help you relax in such situations as it allows one to think clear with a much better, focused mind.

“Breathing consciously is not only about bringing in oxygen into your body, it’s more about telling your brain that the environment is safe and there is nothing to stress about. Conscious breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system which allows you to digest, perform a metabolic activity, assimilate and all things that our body needs to do to constantly repair itself,” she mentioned in an Instagram post.

What happens when you practice breathwork?

In another post, the expert stated the changes ones body experiences on consciously practicing breathwork.

“While we run helter skelter to find solutions for our health issues,  most of our issues can be solved by simply focusing on the way we breathe and practicing breathwork daily. The more slow steady and deep we breathe, the faster we heal. So get your attention to your breath and see yourself transform… mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually,” she said.

*Reduces clinical stress and anxiety
*Supports emotional intelligence
*Increases the body’s immune response
*Improves sleep
*Increases focus and concentration

How to practice breathwork?

“You can just focus on slow steady deep breaths without too much effort and no matter where you are or what you are doing, always bring your attention back to your breath and experience the calmness,” she expressed.

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