In future, data will dictate history: PM Modi at first ‘Audit Diwas’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday emphasised on the importance of data, stating that it will dictate history in the future.

Addressing the first-ever Audit Diwas, an event organised by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) in Delhi, the Prime Minister said, “In the olden times, information was transmitted through stories, history was written through stories. But in the 21st century, data is information. In the coming times, our history will also be seen and understood through data. In future, data will be dictating the history.”

He also noted that the government has derived methods to ensure minimum interference such as contactless customs, automatic renewals, faceless assessments and online applications for service delivery.

“Today we are making such a system in which the thinking of ‘Sarkar Sarvam’, the interference of the government is also decreasing, and your work is also getting easier. Minimum government, maximum governance,” PM Modi asserted.

He appreciated the work of the CAG, stating that it has the vantage of an outsider’s perspective. “We make systematic improvements with the help of whatever you tell us, we see it as cooperation,” PM Modi said, adding that earlier their was a “government vs CAG” mindset.

“When transparency is brought in the system, results are visible,” the prime minister added. He stated that due to the lack of transparency, various practices used to take place in the banking sector, and NPAs (Non-performing assets) kept increasing. “But we presented the reality of the previous governments, the actual situation, honestly before the nation,” he said.

— with inputs from PTI, ANI

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