In Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi’s “Bimaru” Attack On Congress: Top Quotes

In Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi's 'Bimaru' Attack On Congress: Top Quotes

New Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressing a mega BJP workers meet in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh launched a scathing attack on Congress, accusing the party of years of “corruption and misrule”.

Here are the PM’s top quotes:

  1. First-time voters are fortunate to have seen only the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh which is key for India’s development vision. The people of Madhya Pradesh have always showered their blessings on the BJP. 

  2. Congress ruled Madhya Pradesh for many years, but the youth in the state witnessed misrule, corruption, and poor law and order under Congress’s rule. Congress is against every project made for a developed India and has no thought process for the future.  Congress made Madhya Pradesh a bimaru (sick) state. 

  3. Congress criticises the BJP’s railway infrastructure push. They also criticise the new Parliament building, despite the whole nation praising the government’s move. They opposed digital payment but the world is impressed by UPI. Neither Congress wants to change, nor do they want the country to change.

  4. Congress is a parivarwadi (dynastic) party with a history of corruption and appeasement. It is like a rusted iron that will be finished if kept in the rain.

  5. The young demographic in the state saw good governance and development under the BJP. The upcoming elections are very important, the public needs to ensure they do not get confused while voting for the right party. 

  6. Congress is responsible for the problems of the past. Your parents and grandparents struggled under Congress’s rule. Now, the BJP’s “double engine” government is working day and night to save you from the party.

  7. “Modi” means “guarantee to fullfil guarantees”. I want to remind you that we have fulfilled our promise with the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill. The Opposition was forced to give their approval to the historic bill. 

  8. The Opposition alliance INDIA welcomed the move half-heartedly. They were forced to appreciate the passage of the historic bill. The members of this ghamandiya (arrogant) alliance will betray the Nari Shakti (women’s empowerment) when they get a chance. They are frustrated.

  9. Born with silver spoons, for Congress leaders, issues of the poor do not matter. For Congress, the problems of the poor is adventure tourism. When BJP is working for the upliftment of the country’s poor, the Congress is insulting them abroad. 

  10. I brought the development that Congress ignored for generations. The BJP is working for the poor. 

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