“In My 3rd Term, India Will be World’s 3rd largest Economy”: PM Modi

'In My 3rd Term, India Will be World's 3rd largest Economy': PM Modi

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his last speech in parliament before the general elections reiterated his promise of pushing the Indian economy forward. This time, instead of putting a figure to it, he said the economy will be the world’s third largest in his third term.

The BJP has exuded confidence that the Narendra Modi government will be back for a third consecutive term with a massive mandate.

Responding to the Motion of Thanks on President Droupadi Murmu’s speech last week, PM Modi contrasted his development agenda with what he called the Opposition’s naysaying culture.

“The world is influenced by India. G20 summit is a testament to this. In our third term…India will be the third largest economy in the world and this is Modi’s Guarantee,’ the Prime Minister said.

“When we say that we’ll become the third largest economy, the Opposition says it will happen on its own, nothing big. I want to tell the youth how it is done and what is the government’s role in this,” PM Modi said.

“In February 2014, when the Interim Budget came, then Finance Minister said and I quote, “I now wish to look forward and outline a vision for the future… I wonder how many… that India’s economy in terms of size and strength is the 11th largest economy. There are great things in store. There is a view that in the next three decades, India’s nominal GDP will take the country to the 3rd rank after US and China.” In 2014, they said by 2044 India will be the 3rd largest economy. That was their vision,” PM Modi.

His government’s promise to take India to the third spot in the third term should “make the Opposition happy,” PM Modi said, “since they were happy with the 11th spot”.

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