India defeated dictatorial mindset in democratic way: Modi invokes Emergency in Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday began the 90th edition of his monthly radio programme by invoking the 1975 Emergency, which took place 47 years ago. Calling it an attempt to “crush the democracy of India”, PM Modi said that the people of India were ultimately able to defeat a “dictatorial mindset” in a democratic way.

“The people of India removed the ‘Emergency’ and established democracy in a democratic way,” PM Modi said. “It is difficult to find such an example in the whole world of defeating the dictatorial mindset, the dictatorial tendency in a democratic way.

The latest episode comes moments after the prime minister touched down in Munich, Germany for a two-day visit to Germany during which he will attend the G7 summit.

PM Modi highlights progress in space sector

The Prime Minister went on to highlight India’s progress in the space sector. “In the past few years, many big works related to the space sector have been done in our country,” he said. “One of these achievements of the country is the creation of an agency named In-Space.”

During the inauguration event for In-Space, PM Modi said that he was able to interact with several young start-ups doing groundbreaking work in the sector. ” Till a few years ago, in our country, in the space sector, no one even thought about start-ups. Today their number is more than 100,” he said.

India’s success at Khelo India Games

Many Indian athletes were able to set new records at the recently-held Khelo India Youth Games, PM Modi said. Many of these athletes  are from “ordinary families” and have had to face many struggles through their lives, he added.

He also paid tribute to veteran Indian Women’s cricketer Mithali Raj, who recently retired from international cricket. “She has announced his retirement from cricket this month, which has left many sports fans emotional,” she said. “I wish Mithali all the very best for her future.”

In the previous episode of his radio show, the prime minister highlighted that the country has reached a landmark figure of 100 unicorns with a valuation of more than 300 billion dollars. Heemphasised that India’s startup ecosystem is not limited to just big cities but entrepreneurs are emerging from smaller cities and towns as well.

“On the 5th of this month, the number of unicorns in the country has reached the figure of 100 and you surely know that a unicorn is a startup worth at least seven and a half thousand crore rupees. The total valuation of these unicorns is more than 330 billion dollars, that is, more than 25 lakh crore rupees. Certainly, this is a matter of pride for every Indian,” PM Modi said.

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