ISRO conducts first Earth-bound manoeuvre of Aditya-L1 

ISRO said the satellite is healthy and operating nominally. 

ISRO said the satellite is healthy and operating nominally. 
| Photo Credit: X/@isro

A day after India’s first solar observatory mission which was launched, the first Earth-bound firing to raise the orbit of the Aditya-L1, was performed on September 3.

The ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network Work (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru performed the manoeuvre.

The space agency said the satellite is healthy and operating nominally. “The first Earth-bound maneuvre (EBN#1) is performed successfully from ISTRAC, Bengaluru. The new orbit attained is 245km x 22459 km. The next maneuvre (EBN#2) is scheduled for September 5, 2023, around 03:00 Hrs. IST,” ISRO posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Post its successful launch ISRO said that the Aditya-L1 started generating the power and that the solar panels are deployed.

Following the launch Aditya-L1 stays Earth-bound orbits for 16 days, during which it undergoes 5 manoeuvres to gain the necessary velocity for its journey.

Subsequently, Aditya-L1 undergoes a Trans-Lagrangian1 insertion manoeuvre, marking the beginning of its 110-day trajectory to the destination around the L1 Lagrange point.

Upon arrival at the L1 point, another manoeuvre binds Aditya-L1 to an orbit around L1, a balanced gravitational location between the Earth and the Sun.

The satellite spends its whole mission life orbiting around L1 in an irregularly shaped orbit in a plane roughly perpendicular to the line joining the Earth and the Sun.

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