Jarkiholi brothers will contest from the BJP, says Balachandra Jarkiholi

Balachandra Jarkiholi speaking at a Kanakadasa Jayanti celebrations in Rajapur, Gokak, on Thursday.

Balachandra Jarkiholi speaking at a Kanakadasa Jayanti celebrations in Rajapur, Gokak, on Thursday.
| Photo Credit: P.K. BADIGER

“I will fight the next election as a BJP candidate. So will Ramesh Jarkiholi,’‘ KMF Chairman and BJP MLA Balachandra Jarkiholi said in Gokak on Thursday.

“You have all been seeing reports in TV and newspapers that the Jarkiholi brothers will join the Janata Dal(S) or the Congress. But these are not true. Our enemies are spreading such lies. I want to clarify on this point here. I want the media to report, the State Intelligence personnel to record and the people to understand that we will stay in the BJP and fight as BJP candidates in future. Please don’t believe otherwise,’‘ he said.

He was speaking at the end of a rally organised as part of a Kanakadasa Jayanti celebrations.

“If our political adversaries are opposing us and making statements, let them do so. Everyone has a right to criticise others in a democracy. I will not be bothered even if some of my opponents abuse me or try to conspire against me. I will ask Lord Hanuman to protect me from them,” he said.

“We will organise a huge rally in Gokak after January 25. It will bring members of various communities and it will be so huge as to decide the results of the next elections,” he said.

“If the BJP is in power, you will all be happy. Similarly, if we are in power, all your works will be done. For example, people of Rajapur wanted three roads. I asked them to go ahead and build them with local resources and promised to regularise them later. To do such things, I will have to return to power, is it not?,’‘ he said and got a resounding affirmative reply from the crowd.

He said that the campaign of the Jarkiholi brothers will be based on love and not hate.

“We will try to get votes of all the communities and come to power. We will win over all by love and not hate. Even if some people have moved away from us, we will call them back and try to win their trust,’‘ he said.

Mr. Balachandra Jarkiholi said that the BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home minister Amit Shah will rule the country at least for the next 10 years. “As long as they are in charge, no one can shake us. The BJP will win in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh,” he said.

Once the elections in Gujarat and other States are over, the BJP leaders will come to Karnataka to campaign for elections in the State, he said.

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