Know the many health benefits of parijat or night jasmine

Night jasmine, also known as parijat and harsingar, is a small ornamental tree that has fragrant white flowers with orange twigs. Its soothing and calming scent is loved and cherished by many.

Famously known as Raat ki Rani, this tree blooms only at night and is known to shed all its flowers in the morning. It is also a sacred tree mentioned in Hindu mythology, Ayurvedic doctor Dr Dixa Bhavsar said.

“Harsingar is a plant of varied health benefits. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the tree make it a blessing for human health and well being. The leaves are given for treating chronic fever, rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain, obstinate sciatica,” she explained.

Here’s how you can use it for various health benefits, as shared by Dr Bhavsar.

For sciatica

Take 3-4 leaves and grind them. Boil with water, then strain and drink twice a day on empty stomach.

For swelling and pain

Boil leaves in water to make a decoction and drink.

For arthritis

Take leaves, bark, flower (about 5 gm) and make a decoction with 200 gm of water. The decoction is said to be formed when water reduces to ¼ of the initial quantity.

For dry cough

Grind leaves in mortar and pestle to extract the juice and take it with honey.

For cold/cough/sinus

Drink it as tea. Boil 2-3 leaves and 4-5 flowers in a glass of water, add 2-3 tulsi leaves in it and drink it as tea.

For intestinal worms

Grind leaves in mortar and pestle to extract 2 tbsp of juice and take it with mishri and water.

For ringworm

Apply the paste of leaves on the affected area.

For fever

Take 3 gm bark and 2 gm leaves with 2-3 leaves of tulsi and boil in water and drink 2 times a day.

For anxiety

Night jasmine oil is used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety. It increases serotonin levels in your brain and regulates mood thus making you feel happier.

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