Language chauvinism will boomerang: K T Rama Rao

Taking exception to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s comments on Hindi as an alternative to English, ruling TRS Working President and Telangana Minister K T Rama Rao on Saturday said “language chauvinism and hegemony” in the country will boomerang.

He said it would be a “great disservice to impose Hindi” on the nation’s youngsters who have global aspirations.

“Unity in diversity is our strength dear @AmitShahJi. India is a union of states & a true ‘Vasudhaika Kutumbam’. Why don’t we let people of our great nation decide what to eat, what to wear, who to pray to and what language to speak!,” Rama Rao tweeted with the hashtag #stopHindiImposition.

“Language chauvinism/hegemony will boomerang,” he added.

“I am an Indian first, a proud Telugu & Telanganaite next. Can speak in my mother tongue Telugu, English, Hindi & a little bit of Urdu too. To impose Hindi & diss English will be a great disservice to the youngsters of this nation who have global aspirations,” said Rama Rao, son of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Shah on Thursday said Hindi should be accepted as an alternative to English and not to local languages.

Presiding over the 37th meeting of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee, Shah had said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided that the medium of running the government is the official language and this will definitely increase the importance of Hindi.

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