Lauren Sanchez Shares Pic Of Jeff Bezos Using Same Desk From Amazon’s Early Days

Lauren Sanchez Shares Pic Of Jeff Bezos Using Same Desk From Amazon's Early Days

Lauren Sanchez’s recent post is going viral on Instagram

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon still uses a desk he built during the initial days of starting the company, his fiancee Lauren Sanchez revealed in a post on Instagram. In her post, Ms Sanchez shared a picture of Mr Bezos sitting on a chair with his laptop on the table. Alongside, she added an old picture of Mr Bezos with the same desk. 

Along with the post, she wrote, “When I walked in on him working this morning, I took this picture. I just love that he is still working from one of the first desks that have been around since the beginning (see next slide). This is where countless hours of hard work meet the heart of Day One. Here’s to the endless pursuit of what’s possible.”

According to Fox News, Mr Bezos turned a door into a table to save money shortly after setting up Amazon. 

See the post here:

Since being posted on Instagram, it has amassed over 27,000 likes and several comments from the netizens. The social media users were inspired by the post and shared their thoughts in the comments section. 

A user wrote, “I love how nostalgic you both are.”

“When you figure out what the definition of hard work is, it becomes part of you,” another user commented on the post. 

“That desk will be in a museum one day,” the third user wrote. 

“It’s heartwarming to see the dedication and perseverance over the years,” the fourth user commented. 

“We deeply admire Jeff Bezos for his exemplary work ethics and contributions,” the fifth user wrote. 

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