Out for a jog, Ranchi teen girl abducted, raped in car, say police

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly abducted and gang-raped by three men in a car while she, along with two other teen girls, were on an early-morning jog in Ranchi on Sunday, police said on Monday.

Police said a speeding car started following the three minor girls, and one of them was kidnapped and taken to a deserted spot and gang-raped. The girl was later spotted by a passerby, who informed the police.

“The girls were out for a run (when) a car, with three persons in it, started chasing them. Two of the girls escaped but the third fell down. The accused abducted her,” an officer said.

The three suspects have been arrested, of whom one is believed to have known the girl and may have been stalking her for some time, a police source said.

“An evening before the incident, the victim had gone to eat at a local shop and one of the accused was stalking her there, too,” the source said. “This man, aged around 21 years, hired a cab and the driver… In the car, they told the girl that they were stalking her for the last few days and that since she had rejected one of the accused man’s advances, she was abducted.”

The police have registered a case and an officer said the accused were held on the basis of CCTV footage.

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