Pakistan to allow Afghan trucks to transport wheat, life-saving drugs from India to Afghanistan

Two months after India requested Pakistan to allow transportation of food grains to Afghanistan via land route, Islamabad told New Delhi Friday that it will allow “Afghan trucks” for transportation of wheat and life-saving medicines.

The decision was conveyed by the Pakistan’s foreign ministry to Indian diplomats in Islamabad.

A statement by Pakistan’s foreign ministry said, “With a view to further facilitate Pakistan’s decision to allow transportation of 50,000 MT (metric tonnes) of wheat and life-saving medicines from India to Afghanistan via Wagah border on an exceptional basis for humanitarian purposes, it has been decided to also allow the use of Afghan trucks for transportation from Wagah border to Torkham.”

The Pakistan foreign ministry said that this “demonstrates the commitment and seriousness of the government of Pakistan to facilitate the proposed humanitarian assistance”.

“The Indian government was also urged to proceed quickly to take necessary steps to expeditiously undertake the delivery of the humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan,” it said.

Meanwhile, there was no official response to Pakistan’s decision from New Delhi, but the MEA spokesperson has on several occasions said that there cannot be conditionalities attached to humanitarian assistance.

Officials said the task of moving 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan would require 5,000 trucks via Pakistan.

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