Putin Hoping For “Long-Lasting” War, says France’s Macron

Putin Hoping For 'Long-Lasting' War, says France's Macron

Emmanuel Macron accused Russia of being “a destabilising force in Africa”.


Russian leader Vladimir Putin is hoping for a “long-lasting war” in Ukraine and believes time is on his side, French President Emmanuel Macron told CNN on Friday.

In an interview with the American channel, he added that Ukraine’s ongoing counter-offensive would be crucial in bringing the Kremlin leader to the negotiating table.

“I think the purpose of this counter-offensive is to push the Russians to negotiate and come back at the table at obviously better conditions for the Ukrainians,” Macron said, speaking in English.

Asked if Putin might be ready to accept concessions, Macron replied: “If there is a big change due to the counter-offensive, this is possible.

Putin’s “preference would be definitely a long-lasting war because I think his certainty is that time is playing for Russia,” he added.

Earlier on Friday, Macron accused Russia of being “a destabilising force in Africa”.

The French leader sought to play a role as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine before and in the months after Putin ordered an invasion in February last year.

“I’ve no reasons to call him now,” Macron said during a radio interview on Friday when asked if he would ring Putin again, but he said he would take a call from his Russian counterpart “if he has got something to propose.”

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