Rakhi Sawant shocked to see Mika Singh on Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar, Salman Khan pulls her leg: ‘Your favourite is here’

Actor Mithun Chakraborty and singer Mika Singh are all set to appear as guests on this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15. Mithun is appearing on Bigg Boss 15 to promote his upcoming talent reality show Hunarbaaz, which he will judge along with Karan Johar and Parineeti Chopra. The show will launch on Colors tonight at 9.00 PM. Introducing Mithun, Salman said in a promo video for the episode, “East or west, Mithun is the best,” and the two laughed.

Mithun and Salman also played a fun quiz game. Later in the promo, Mika Singh entered and performed a few of his songs, with Salman accompanying him on the dhol (drums). The actor even performed the Bhangra with Mika and said, “Chak De Phate.”

However, the highlight of the promo is when we see Rakhi Sawant’s shocked expression at crossing paths with Mika. Seeing Rakhi completely bowled over, Salman Khan chuckled and said, “Rakhi, your favourite is here.” Rakhi and Mika then exchanged pleasantries.

Rakhi and Mika go back a long way and have shared a controversial relationship over the years. Back in 2006, the two made headlines when Rakhi complained that Mika had kissed her without her consent at his birthday bash. However, since then, the two have made peace with each other. The two were even photographed together outside a coffee shop last year.

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