“Ram Is Not God Of Hindus Only, But Of Everyone”: Farooq Abdullah

'Ram Is Not God Of Hindus Only, But Of Everyone': Farooq Abdullah

“They do not have a love for Ram but for power,” Farooq Abdullah said.


Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and NC chief Dr Farooq Abdullah on Thursday hit out at the BJP saying that the party only uses Ram’s name to stay in power, but Ram is not Hindus’ god alone.

“Bhagwan Ram is not the god of Hindus only. Please remove this notion from your mind. Bhagwan Ram is god of everyone – be it a Muslim or Christian or American or Russian, who has faith in him,” he told a rally organised by the Panthers party here.

“Those who come to you saying we are only disciples of Ram – they are fools. They want to sell in the name of Ram. They do not have a love for Ram but for power,” he said.

“I think when elections are announced in J&K they will inaugurate Ram temple to divert the attention of the common man,” he said.

On unity among non-BJP parties, he said, “There will be no hurdle in our unity. Whether it is Congress, NC, or Panthers. We will fight and die for people. But we all will remain united.” He raised questions about electronic voting machines and asked people to remain cautious about its use.

He also warned people against religious polarisation ahead of the election in the Union Territory. “They will use ‘Hindus are in danger’ a lot during the elections… but I request you to not fall prey to it.”

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