“Reject Terrorism In All Forms”: US On Suicide Blast Near Turkey Parliament

'Reject Terrorism In All Forms': US On Suicide Blast Near Turkey Parliament

Antony Blinken said US stands firmly by their NATO Ally Turkey and the Turkish people (File)


The United States condemned the suicide blast near the Turkish Interior Ministry and expressed solidarity with their NATO ally and the Turkish people.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Washington “rejects terrorism in all its forms”.

“The United States condemns today’s attack at the Turkish Interior Ministry in Ankara. We wish those injured a speedy recovery. We reject terrorism in all its forms and stand firmly by our NATO Ally Turkey and the Turkish people,” Blinken stated on X (formerly Twitter).

This comes after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device in front of the Interior Ministry building in Ankara, leaving two police officers injured and sending a wave of fear among the people.

Earlier, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) chief Jens Stoltenberg also expressed solidarity with the country in the wake of the incident and denounced the attack.

“I strongly condemn today’s terrorist attack on the Ministry of Interior in Ankara, and wish a fast and full recovery for the police officers injured in the line of duty,” Stoltenberg posted on X, wishing the injured police officers a “quick and complete” recovery.

“NATO stands in solidarity with Turkey in the fight against terrorism,” he added.

The US Embassy in Turkey also condemned the deadly blast and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

“We strongly condemn the terrorist attack this morning against Turkey, our NATO Ally. We offer our condolences to those injured and wish them a speedy recovery. We stand in solidarity with Turkey against terrorism,” the US Embassy said in a post on X.

The responsibility of the bombing was claimed by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is banned by Turkey and its Western allies.

Later in the day, the Turkish Parliament reconvened for a new term hours after the suicide blast after a nearly three-month term break.

Meanwhile, security has been increased around key government buildings, including the parliament and the Interior Ministry, following the attack, as parliamentarians were returning after a summer break.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered an opening speech at the parliament hours after the blast and said that the “terrorists” will never achieve their aims in Turkey in his address at the Turkish parliament.

“Today’s terrorist act in Ankara, in which two criminals were neutralised thanks to timely intervention of police, is last flutters of terrorism,” Erdogan said, adding, “Terrorists trying to destroy peace and citizens’ security will never succeed,” Al Jazeera quoted him as saying.

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