Salman Khan blasts Shamita Shetty and Karan Kundrra for inappropriate behaviour on Bigg Boss 15: ‘Laanat hai’

Karan Kundrra’s violent behaviour with Pratik Sehajpal was the subject of much discussion among Bigg Boss 15 fans, this week. Host Salman Khan was less than pleased and scolded Karan for kicking Pratik. He also asked if this was their strategy, and if they had planned all this in advance. However, it wasn’t just Karan who got a tongue-lashing from Salman; Shamita Shetty faced his ire, as well.

Raveena Tandon, who was a celebrity guest on the show, had asked the contestants to name one ‘gunehgaar (culprit)’ in the house. Rashami Desai named Abhijit Bichukale and said, “Inhone do baar Shamita Shetty ko pair ki jooti bataya hai (He has disrespected Shamita Shetty twice).” Shamita then added, “He called me pair ki jooti (of low stature), he said words like k***** . Abhijit Bichukale got livid at the allegation. He got up and started yelling at Shamita Shetty. He also said, “The show may go to hell,” as he walked out of the room. Everyone erupted into a fight, and Salman asked, “What is this yaar?’

Salman then intervened and told Shamita that Abhijit did not use the word k*****. Shamita then told him, “But he has called me pair ki jooti.”

Salman Khan got angry and shouted, asking everyone to calm down. Shamita responded, “Why is he here?” He then asked her, “Will you become one if he is calling you names?” A furious Salman Khan told Shamita, “You just said ‘why is he here’. That is not correct Shamita. Laanat hai (shame on you).”

Salman yelled at Karan Kundrra as well, and said, “Karan, beech beech me aapki akal kaha ghaas charne jaati hai? Aapke paas jab shabd nahi hote hain tab aap haath pair chalane par utar aate ho (Karan, what happens to your good sense at times? When you do not find words to respond with, you start getting physical).”

He scolded Karan some more and then added, “Mai andar aa jaun, ghar ke andar? Mujhe utha ke patak kar dikhao (I will come inside the house. I dare you to get violent with me).”

Karan Kundrra has had two nasty fights with Pratik Sehajpal over the past few days. Salman Khan had reprimanded Karan after the first incident as well. They had gotten into a fight when Pratik tried to intervene during a scuffle between Karan and Nishant Bhat. Pratik claimed that Karan hit him. Karan and Tejasswi Prakash, however, told Pratik that it was not intentional. Later, Pratik was seen breaking down over the fight.

In the latest episode, Salman also asked Karan and Pratik whether this was a strategy to create such situations and remain in the spotlight throughout their Bigg Boss journey. “Aap logo ki koi milibhagat to nahi hai ismein?” he asked. However, Karan’s fans were upset and have trended ‘Stop targetting Karan Kundrra’ on social media platforms.

Bigg Boss 15 also has a few contestants from earlier seasons – Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rashami Desai, Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh, playing the game as ‘VIPs’.

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