SC dismisses as ‘frivolous’ plea of self-acclaimed environmentalist to be elected as President of India

The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed as “frivolous” a plea of a self-acclaimed environmentalist for making “scurrilous allegations” against the President of India.

The petitioner sought to be made “undisputed candidate” for the post of President of India and be given salaries and perks since 2004, as he was disallowed to file nomination.

A bench of justices DY Chandrachud and Hima Kohli dismissed the PIL by Kishore Jagannath Sawant, who argued in-person, and said he should not file such kind of petition and instead pursue the aim in life, in which he specialises.

It ordered, “The petition is frivolous and an abuse of process of law. The allegations made against the highest constitutional office are without any sense of the responsibility and expunged from the record.” The bench directed the apex court registry to not entertain the petition of Sawant on the same subject matter in the future.

It noted the prayer made in the petition that he be treated as “undisputed candidate” for the 2022 presidential election, direction to appoint as President of India and for payment of salaries and perks payable to the President since 2004.

During the hearing, the bench asked Sawant what kind of scurrilous allegations he has made against the President of India and he even want salaries and perks given to the President.

Sawant said he believed that his case will redefine the basic ethos of the Constitution and urged the court to entertain his plea. He submitted that being a citizen of the country, he has every right to contest the government policies and procedures.

The bench said, “Yes, you have right to contest the government policies and procedures but you don’t have any right to file frivolous petitions and waste the precious time of the court. You can stand outside on the road and give a speech, but you cannot come to the court and occupy public time by filing such frivolous petitions.” Sawant requested the court to hear him out for two minutes and submitted that he is an environmentalist working in the field for 20 years and in the past three presidential elections, he was not allowed to file the nomination.

“I have every right as a citizen to at least file a nomination. I have every right as a citizen to contest the government policies,” he said.

The Bench said that the court has a duty to decide these cases and passed the order to dismiss his plea.

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