SC order: Lakshadweep administration to continue meat products in school mid-day meal menu

School children of Lakshadweep will not miss chicken and other meat products from their mid-day meals anymore as the administration of the Union Territory (UT) directed the school authorities to comply with a recent Supreme Court order in this regard.

The Directorate of Education here on Friday issued an order asking the “school principals of all islands and Headmaster Bitra” to comply with the top court order dated May 2 which directs them to continue to serve food including meat, chicken, fish, egg and other items to the children as done in the past.

The Directorate, in the order, also attached relevant portions of the apex court directive for their reference: “Food, including meat, chicken, fish and egg, and other items, prepared and served to the school going children of Lakshadweep, as done in the past, should be continued until further orders. To make it clear, the earlier system should continue.” While hearing a plea challenging the decision of the Lakshadweep administration to close dairy farms and remove meat products from the menu of midday meals for school children, the SC had directed continuation of a recent Kerala High Court order directing the authorities to include meat products, including chicken, in the menu.

The high court had on June 22, 2021 stayed the operation of two orders of the Lakshadweep administration — to close down dairy farms and remove meat products, including chicken, from the menu of midday meals for school children.

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