SC panel: 4,690 properties in Bengaluru’s Dr Shivaram Karanth Layout regularised

The Supreme Court has provided relief to residents and site allottees of Bengaluru’s Dr Shivaram Karanth Layout by regularising 63 more properties, taking the total to 4,690, according to a committee constituted by the court.

Justice A V Chandrashekar, who heads the committee looking into the controversy over the illegal buildings in the neighbourhood, said on Monday that the panel had submitted 21 reports. The 63 properties were regularised on September 8.

Proposed in 2008 across 3,456 acres and 12 guntas of land with 18,975 sites spread over 17 villages, the Layout has been caught in a web of litigation.

Although the Karnataka High Court ruled against the project in 2015 citing cases filed by land owners over the years, the Supreme Court ordered the Bangalore Development Authority to form the Layout in 2018.

The Chandrashekar committee, which completed an aerial survey and a field survey, sought applications from the land owners. The committee has found that about 7,500 structures came up between 2008 and 2018. Preliminary reports suggest that there are about 6,200 illegal structures.

The allottees were asked to submit property documents for cross-verification and regularisation.

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