Simple tips to increase the daily consumption of water

Water is an essential component, which is directly linked to your health and mood.

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Some people are not in the habit of drinking water, and it can only lead to complications such as dehydration and risk of urinary tract infection. In the long run, not drinking enough water every day, regardless of the season, can lead to negative health implications, including joint and muscle problems.

As such, it is important to be disciplined about it and train yourself to meet your daily water requirements. If you are forgetful, or find yourself not consuming as much water as you normally should, start doing some things to change the situation.

Nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor took to Instagram to explain that every cell in the body needs water to operate correctly, and that constipation can be avoided when the digestive tract is properly hydrated. “Water also aids in the removal of toxins from the body, promotes healthy renal function, keeps your joints and muscles lubricated, promotes better and younger-looking skin, and aids in the regulation of body temperature,” she wrote.

Kapoor added that as you grow older, the body’s “fluid reserve shrinks”, and “your capacity to store water decreases”. So does your thirst sense. “Chronic conditions such as diabetes and dementia, as well as the usage of certain drugs, exacerbate these issues. Mobility issues in older persons might also impede their capacity to fetch water for themselves.”

According to the expert, it can be difficult to drink water on a regular basis, especially if one is busy, frequently forgets to drink, or detests the taste of water. These pointers, therefore, may help keep you on track:

water, water intake, how to increase water intake, water consumption, how to increase water consumption, tips to drink water daily, daily water intake, indian express news Train yourself to meet your daily water requirements. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

1. Set a daily goal (as to how much water you will drink) and stick to it.
2. If you are busy with work, fill up to 2-3 bottles and keep them near your workstation.
3. Put a reminder every one hour to hydrate yourself.
4. Remember to sip water throughout the day.
5. If you do not like plain water, you can add some flavour like cucumber, lemon, strawberry, etc.
6. Additionally, eat water-rich foods like cucumber and watermelon.
7. Drink a glass of water before every meal.

What do you think of these tips?

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