Start your day on a healthy note with this energising green juice

Most of us usually start our day with a cup of tea or coffee. But experts suggest that a glass of fresh vegetable juice is a healthy and nutritionally enriching alternative as it helps improve immunity along with having other health issues.

As such, dietitian Mansi Padechia recently shared the benefits and recipe of a healthy green juice.

“Starting your day with a healthy green juice is a great way to get energised,” she captioned a post on Instagram.


Chopped bottle gourd
Mint leaves
Lemon juice
Cumin powder


Add all ingredients to a blender jar. Blend. Strain. Enjoy fresh.

According to Padechia, the juice has numerous benefits.

*It helps purify the blood: It detoxifies the body and the liver, and helps with the creation of red blood cells.
*It is rich in vitamins that aid the functioning of eyes and the immune system.
*It helps in flushing out toxins from the body and reduces bile and fat from the liver that helps to keep the heart healthy.
*The juice also strengthens your bile. A strong bile is important for breaking down fats; it’s also needed to eliminate waste from the body.

Would you like to try?

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