This is what Debina Bonnerjee did to manage gestational diabetes

Debina Bonnerjee has been regularly documenting her motherhood and pregnancy journey on social media. From her workouts to eating habits, the actor keeps sharing tidbits about her pregnancy with her followers. As such, in a recent YouTube video, Debina opened up about her diet during this time and how some modifications helped her cure gestational diabetes.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey during which people usually say that you should give in to your cravings. I was doing exactly that. I was eating everything — from home as well as outside including burgers, pizza etc. But, that gave rise to gestational diabetes,” she started out saying.

For the unversed, gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that can develop during pregnancy in women who don’t already have the condition.

Upon noticing her increased blood sugar levels, Debina made some modifications to her diet and now, admittedly, her fresh blood test reports have indicated normal levels of blood glucose. So, what did she do?

Explaining her diet routine, she said that she starts her day with a cup of butter coffee. “A lot of people say that one should not drink coffee during pregnancy. Yes, caffeine shouldn’t be consumed during this time and it is also present in chocolates and a lot of aerated drinks, apart from coffee. I have kept my coffee limited to only one cup, that too in the morning. Drinking this butter coffee first thing in the morning keeps my metabolism in check and I don’t get constipation with this because a teaspoon of ghee coats the lining of my stomach and intestine, greasing it. That’s why I have never had constipation in my entire pregnancy journey. After this cup of coffee, I don’t consume any kind of caffeine throughout the day,” she shared.

This is followed by a protein-filled breakfast, Debina said. “I have one kind of breakfast. It consists of two whole egg omelettes with one-fourth avocado. If I get any gluten-free bread, then I eat one slice of it. If I don’t get that, then I eat one or two rice cakes. This ensemble is a great source of protein. Doctors advise having a great protein intake in your diet. I believe that instead of taking anything that is artificially made, if I eat natural forms of protein, that will be better,” she added.

Since the actor consumes her breakfast by 8 in the morning, she feels hungry at 10 am and eats one apple as a mid-morning snack. “I am not supposed to have any other fruit apart from apples and pomegranates, including bananas and oranges.”

Next, she opts for lunch, usually without rice. She said, “For lunch, I have been told to not eat rice. I eat rice only sometimes, in very small quantities. Any vegetable that I eat – be it spinach, mixed veg, etc – I have 200 grams of fish alongside. Along with that, you can have any salad which you like – cucumber salad, beetroot salad, etc.”

Sharing the benefits of consuming salad, Debina added, “The more salad you eat, your gut health would be better and you won’t have constipation problems.”

As a mid-afternoon snack, she opts for either an apple or a pomegranate. “These are the fruits which the doctors have advised me to have,” she said.

Evening hunger pangs often lead to unhealthy binging. Debina did something similar, earlier. “At around 5 pm, I feel very hungry. Earlier, I used to order sandwiches, pizzas or burgers from outside. I have changed that to having plain sukha bhel. Because murmura reduces in size in the stomach after eating, the feeling of eating for a long time instructs our brain that we have eaten a lot. And, you won’t feel hungry for some time,” she admitted.

Finally, the actor consumes an early dinner around 7:30-8 pm. “It consists of soup – pumpkin soup or a veg clear soup on a vegetarian day or a chicken clear soup. On days when I am eating non-vegetarian, I also take 200 grams of fish or some properly cooked vegetables. On days I don’t eat vegetables, I eat moong dal ka cheela,” she concluded.

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