‘Tutari’ Symbol Of Sharad Pawar’s NCP Hits Wrong Note With Players Of Instrument

'Tutari' Symbol Of Sharad Pawar's NCP Hits Wrong Note With Players Of Instrument

A ‘Tutari’ player said they were earlier called for election rallies of all political parties.

Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra):

With the NCP faction led by Sharad Pawar being allotted ‘man blowing tutari‘ as its election symbol, the players of this traditional instrument fear that they may lose their business this year as the general elections and the marriage season are coinciding.

They are apprehensive that since the model code of conduction is in force, they may not be hired to play ‘tutaris‘ at weddings or other events this year.

‘Tutari’, a crescent or C-shaped instrument, is played on certain occasions as a sign of welcome. Earlier, it used to be played to announce the arrival of kings.

Talking to PTI, Jaisingh Holiye, who is in the business of providing ‘tutari’ players for functions here, said it is a traditional instrument and is played during marriage ceremonies and other events.

“But this year, the Lok Sabha elections and the marriage season are coinciding. We fear that we may lose business,” he said.

Baburao Gurav, a ‘tutari’ player residing in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar city, said, “Political parties have different election symbols made of objects or articles used in our daily lives. We can’t avoid those things. But we are not sure where a ‘tutari’ should be played at marriages and other family events due to its connection with a prominent political party.”

“So we may lose business at political events. Tutari players are generally called at election rallies by all political parties. But since our musical instrument has now become a symbol of one political party, we fear that we may lose orders from political parties. As the model code of conduct is in place, people may also think of not calling us for cultural and family events,” he said.

There is no clarity about the places where it should be played, Gurav added.

“If both the parties in marriage ceremonies are ready, we will play. If anyone raises objections we will stop playing the instrument,” he said.

The NCP split in July 2022 after a group of party leaders led by Baramati MLA Ajit Pawar, nephew of party founder Sharad Pawar, joined the Eknath Shinde-led Maharashtra government. The Election Commission later recognised the Ajit Pawar faction as the real NCP and allotted it the clock symbol. The Sharad Pawar-led camp was given the poll symbol of ‘man playing tutari‘ and NCP (Sharadchandra Pawar) as its name.

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