Unruly passenger offloaded from Guwahati-Delhi plane on Friday: SpiceJet

A male passenger was offloaded from a SpiceJet plane for unruly behaviour at Guwahati airport on Friday and was handed over to CISF personnel, according to the airline.

The incident happened on Friday morning on the Delhi-bound flight SG 8169, when the aircraft was taxing on the runway.

In a statement on Sunday, the airline said the passenger was offloaded as he repeatedly got up from his seat and created a ruckus.

“Repeated attempts to pacify him failed and co-passengers told the crew that they were not ready to fly with the said passenger on board.

“The aircraft was brought back to the bay where airport security officials along with SpiceJet staff deplaned the passenger and handed him over to the CISF,” the statement said.guwa

Later, the plane took off for Delhi.

It could not be immediately ascertained whether any action will be taken against the unruly passenger.

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