US Police Arrest Man Accused Of Entering Women’s Homes And Rubbing Their Feet While They Slept

US Police Arrest Man Accused Of Entering Women's Homes And Rubbing Their Feet While They Slept

Gonzales went into the bedrooms and rubbed the sleeping women’s feet.

A man has been arrested in Nevada, United States, for breaking into homes and fondling women’s feet while they slept.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department in Nevada, the suspect, 26-year-old Mark Anthony Gonzales, is also accused of committing similar crimes in the past.

Between July 1 and 3, Gonzalez allegedly entered two Stateline resort condominiums by opening unlocked screen doors in the early morning hours, the sheriff’s department said on Facebook.

“Once inside, he positioned himself at the foot of the bed and rubbed the feet of two separate adult females. Each female awoke from their sleep as the subject was rubbing their feet. Once awake, the females confronted him, and he fled the scene,” the social media post said.

According to the police department, Gonzales was known to local law enforcement in the Atwater/Merced County, California, area and was the suspect of numerous crimes, including the theft of women’s shoes, trespassing, and sexual self-gratification during some of these incidents. It appeared to DCSO Investigators that Gonzales’ crimes were escalating in nature.

On August 1, 2023, officers arrested Gonzales at his residence. Gonzalez was booked into the Merced County Jail for two counts of Burglary and two counts of Battery. Gonzales will be held in the Merced County Jail on a fugitive warrant with a bail of $50,000 until he is extradited back to Douglas County, Nevada.

“I am extremely pleased that my Investigators were able to identify, locate, and arrest this individual,” said Douglas County Sheriff Dan Coverley.

“These types of crimes are especially alarming to a community, and being able to make an arrest allows the victims and community to feel safe again.”

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