When disguised Tusshar Kapoor confronted ‘hater’ who said he ‘wouldn’t have got a second look’ without sister Ekta’s help

Tusshar Kapoor admitted last year that no stone was left unturned in ensuring that his Bollywood debut unfolds without a hitch. But in an appearance on the 2011 show Love 2 Hate U — in which popular Bollywood actors attempted to convert their biggest haters — he claimed that he received no help from his family at the start of his career.

The show, hosted by Arjun Rampal, involved actors coming face-to-face with their haters (in a mostly pre-social media age) and attempting to understand why they dislike them so much. Tusshar disguised himself as a Sikh man, and challenged a man who said that he isn’t a good actor, and does bad films.

The video was re-posted on Reddit recently, reminding fans of the industry landscape more than a decade ago. “I seriously have a thing against Tusshar Kapoor, man,” the ‘hater’ said in the video, not knowing that he was talking to the actor himself. A disguised Tusshar asked him in broken Punjabi, “What’s your problem?” The ‘hater’ replied, “What is he doing? What kind of an actor is he?” Tusshar also denied having taken any help from his family, and asked, “Kya uski pehli film uske baap ne banayi thi (Did his father make his first film)?” Tusshar is the son of actor Jeetendra, and the brother of producer Ekta Kapoor.

Tusshar proceeded to shame the ‘hater’, and said that he is so clever, then he should be able to act as well. The ‘hater’ kept saying that he has no intention of acting at all, and even said that he thought that Tusshar was a ‘promising’ performer at the beginning of his career, but got swayed off-track by bad films. When Tusshar asked him if he has seen Golmaal, the ‘hater’ said that there’s nothing to be proud of. Things got a little heated when Tusshar stood up and threatened to tear the man’s hair out. But the ‘hater’ folded his hands and asked the disguised Tusshar to sit down.

It was eventually revealed to him that he’d been chatting with Tusshar all along, and the two sat down for a more cordial chat, this time with Arjun. Having removed his disguise, Tusshar asked the ‘hater’ to list his problems.

The ‘hater’ didn’t hold back. He joked that Gayab was good only because Tusshar was mostly invisible in it, and that the actor’s biggest hits have all been produced by his sister. “If it wasn’t for your sister, forget getting a second chance, you wouldn’t have gotten a second look,” he said. In his defence, Tusshar said, “I didn’t have to bank on anybody to bail me out, because I was doing well from the very first film.” But he also admitted that he appeared in a string of flops immediately after making his debut.

In the end, the ‘hater’ was hardly convinced by Tusshar’s arguments. The actor made his debut with Mujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai, and is best known for the Golmaal series. Other guests on Love 2 Hate U included Preity Zinta, Abhishek Bachchan, Madhur Bhandarkar, Farhan Akhtar, Chetan Bhagat and others.

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