Why you should always sit down properly while peeing

Many people squat inside a public toilet — instead of properly sitting down — hovering their derriere just over the toilet seat, so as to minimise contact while peeing. The general fear is that if they sit down on the seat, they may come into contact with bacteria that may cause UTI, STIs, etc.

But Dr Tanaya — aka Dr Cuterus — busts this myth. She had previously shared how contracting urinary tract infections or UTI from toilet seats is not a possibility. She reiterated this fact in a new video, stating the reasons why one should sit while peeing, even if it is in a public toilet.

She cautioned those who have a habit of squatting on the western commode, stating that it can lead to something called ‘pelvic organ prolapse’. Drawing comparisons with a fruit basket, the doctor said that the base of the basket has to be strong so as to contain the fruits.

Similarly, the pelvic floor has to be strong, too, for it supports three organs inside the female body: bladder, uterus and rectum.

“When you are not sitting properly while peeing, you are making the pelvic floor weak… It is important that the floor of the pelvis stays strong, otherwise these organs can fall out,” she warned.

She reminded that since one cannot get UTI from peeing while sitting down on the toilet seat, it is safest and best to confidently sit down, so as to protect your health.

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