Why you should start your day with a glass of cumin seeds or jeera water

Spices and herbs not only add flavour to dishes, they also come loaded with innumerable health benefits. From aiding weight loss to keeping digestive issues at bay, many kitchen condiments can help maintain overall health. So instead of taking supplements and medicines, why not make use of these wonderful kitchen spices to stay healthy?

If you like the idea of doing so, we’ve got you a super simple remedy that will prove to be extremely beneficial.

spices Kitchen condiments are known to be immensely helpful (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

“Drink cumin seeds water first thing in the morning. This promotes healthy digestion, keeps bloating at bay, and aids in weight loss,” said nutritionist Misha Arora in a post on Instagram.

According to the nutritionist, there are multiple benefits of cumin seeds water.

*Low in calories
*Aids digestion
*Increases metabolism
*Detoxifies the body
*Offers anti-inflammatory benefits
*Builds immunity

Here’s how you can prepare it

nutritionist misha Cumin seeds water is a must-have (Source: Nutritionist Misha Arora/screengrab)


Few cumin seeds

Method: In a cup, add water and soak the seeds.

How to have?

Filter the water and add hot water to the seeds.

How it helps?

After being soaked for that long, cumin seeds swell up and release bioactive compounds into the water.

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