Will make Uttarakhand best state by 2025: CM Dhami

UTTARAKHAND CHIEF Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, who completed 100 days of his second term on Thursday, said his government has done a good job during this period and made a commitment to make Uttarakhand the country’s best state by 2025.

Talking to reporters while releasing a “Vikas Pustika” (development book) titled “100 Din Vikas Ke, Samarpan Aur Prayas Ke” (100 days of development, dedication and effort) on Thursday, Dhami said although 100 days is not a very long time, but still they have made efforts and have taken measured steps in the right direction.

“Today we have completed 100 days in the government and the faith and blessing of 1.25 crore people we are getting, is providing us a new energy to work for the development of the state…,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, Dhami assured the people that his government is determined to make Uttarakhand the best state in the country by 2025 and is working in this direction with dedication.

Releasing the Vikas Pustika, Dhami said his government took several important decisions in the past 100 days for the people’s welfare.“In the last 100 days, if anyone criticised us, we did not mind it or took it to heart. Our state is a new state, and when our state will be 25 years old in 2025, we want it to be the best state in the country. We have asked the departments to prepare a roadmap for it and act on it,” said the chief minister.

On the decision to implement the Uniform Civil Code, he said there was a discussion that some people were going to write to me a letter on why we are bringing the UCC law. “I said that before deciding on UCC we went to the court of respected people of Uttarakhand. On February 12, we took a pledge that soon after the new government is formed, we will bring a uniform law for everyone. This is because Uttarakhand is Devbhoomi and is surrounded by two international borders.”

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