900 trees proposed to be cut in Indore to widen road

Nearly 900 trees are likely to be cut to widen a 5-km stretch of one of the busiest roads in Indore — the cleanest city of India, a civic official has said.

Indore Municipal Corporation’s (IMC) garden officer Chetan Patil told PTI on Thursday that 10 per cent of these trees, including neem and peepal, would be uprooted by machines and transplanted elsewhere using a special technique.

He said a stretch of around 5-km road from Bhanwarkuan crossing to Tejaji Nagar on the Indore-Khandwa road is proposed to be widened.

The official said nearly 900 trees on both sides of this busy road have been identified for felling to facilitate the widening work.

Patil said only 10 per cent of these trees would be transplanted elsewhere as the others, belonging to wild species, are not suitable for relocation.

He said transplanting a big tree costs around Rs 20,000.

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