Ambani, Adani should be worshipped as they create jobs: BJP MP Alphons

AMID A raging debate on unemployment and war of words between the opposition parties and the government, a BJP MP on Thursday told Rajya Sabha that industrialists like Ambani and Adani should be “worshipped” as they are creating jobs. The opposition, on the other hand, accused the government of talking about “faceless” and “jobless” growth and argued that the government’s policies are widening income inequalities.

“You can accuse me of being a mouthpiece of the capitalists. The people who have created jobs in this country, let me name those people, because you have named them. Be it Reliance, be it Ambani, be it Adani, be it anybody, they must be worshipped. Yes, because they provide jobs… The people who invest money, Ambani, Adani, every industrialist who creates money in this country creates jobs. They have created jobs. They need to be respected,” BJP’s K J Alphons said while participating in the debate on the Union Budget.

A former Union minister, Alphons argued that “global inequalities are a fact”. He said the opposition has argued that the wealth of two people has gone up.

“Elon Musk’s wealth has gone up 1016 per cent. Are you aware of this? The wealth of the founder of Google, Larry Page, has gone up 126 per cent. The wealth of Bezos has gone up 67 per cent. The lowest among all these top 10 is Bill Gates. His wealth has one up 30 per cent. Global inequality is a fact, whether you accept it or not. Three billion people in the world live below five dollars a day. So, global inequalities are a fact,” he said.

Slamming the Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, RJD’s Manoj Kumar Jha said the government has touted it as “Amrit kaal ka Budget”.

“When I look at the style of functioning of this government in the last few years… it becomes clear who is getting amrit (nectar) and who is getting poison. Amrit is for friends. It is sufficiently supplied… and the vast majority of the people are only getting poison.”

He said there is “no vision at all” for employment creation and demanded that the government come out with an employment calendar. The patience of the jobless youth, he said, is wearing thin.

BJD’s Sujeet Kumar said there was no mention of price rise or inflation in the Budget, and added, “The MGNREGA budget has been reduced by 25 per cent…We are talking lofty things about education, but we are spending only 3 per cent of India’s GDP on education despite all these lofty goals.”

Countering the claims, BJP’s G V L Narasimha Rao said the Budget not only addresses the current challenges faced by the country but also prepares to establish India as a global economic super power in the next 25 years.

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