CM Dhami launches book on temples of Uttarakhand

Calling it an authentic introduction to the ancient temples of Uttarakhand, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Tuesday released a book written by a former IAS officer.

The book titled “Beyond the Misty Veil”, contains over 300 pages on the Hindu temples in the state, and is written by former IAS officer Aradhana Johri who had earlier served as the Nainital District Magistrate (DM). The book talks about the temples of Uttarakhand, their significance and the tales associated with them.

At the book launch, attended by several other bureaucrats, Dhami thanked Johri for her work as an administrator and for working outside the box. Dhami said that for the people of India and abroad, the book will serve as an authentic introduction to the ancient temples of Uttarakhand. Dhami said that the book will help people get to know about the history behind the temples and will help in increasing religious tourism in the state. He also suggested Johri to write a series of books on the topic she has attempted.

He also talked about his tenure as the Chief Minister and said that when there is an influential person in the room, everybody greets him with respect, but say (bad) things behind the back. “Since childhood, I wanted that even when I leave, people say that this person is good…I have been working as the ‘mukhya sevak’ for almost a year. But I believe that I haven’t worked properly for more than 4-5 months. In my first tenure, I only kept thinking about the elections,” said Dhami.

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