Meet Margo Martin, Trump’s ”Loyal And Stylist” Aide Who Is Often Spotted With Him

Meet Margo Martin, Trump's ''Loyal And Stylist'' Aide Who Is Often Spotted With Him

Before this, she served as a White House press assistant during Trump’s presidency.

Margo Martin, the deputy director of communications for Donald Trump, was one of the few people accompanying the former President to Manhattan criminal court on Monday as the first criminal trial against him began. Ms Martin was photographed wearing a black pantsuit with gold buttons inside the courthouse. As pictures of her went viral online, many were curious to know who she was. 

According to the New York Post, Ms Martin who hails from Oklahoma, is known as one of Donald Trump’s ”loyal and stylish confidantes.” She is often photographed by his side at campaign events, press meets and parties, and even court appearances. 

Currently, her role as Deputy Director of Communications for his Save America PAC includes sending emails and reports to supporters and organizing his continued rallies across the country.

Before this, she served as a White House press assistant during Trump’s presidency. After Trump lost in the last presidential election, she was one of the few to remain with him and his since become a key part of his team. She has also stood by the former President through his scandals and controversies.

She was first propelled into the spotlight last year after a reporter mistook her for Melania Trump as she entered the United States Courthouse in Miami for Trump’s arraignment in a separate case. Many say that she shares a striking resemblance to the former First Lady.

Ms Martin also enjoys a lavish lifestyle, courtesy of her high-profile job. She is often seen travelling the world attending political rallies and sporting events alongside Trump. She has also been seen attending UFC fights, NBA games, and NCAA wrestling matches alongside her boss.

She has more than 32,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her personal life, including pics of her vacations, concerts, and visits with her sister who is a morning anchor at NewsNation.

She’s also been sharing dispatches from the campaign trail on Instagram. 

Ms Martin credited her time in the White House as an experience that “gave my life immeasurable purpose and happiness” in an Instagram pic of her and Trump walking on the grounds.


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