PM Modi unveils logo, theme and website of India’s G20 Presidency

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday unveiled the logo, theme and website of India’s G20 Presidency. India will assume the G20 Presidency from December 1, 2022. The logo is based on the theme of lotus.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, PM Modi said, “India’s G20 Presidency is coming at a time of crisis and chaos in the world.”

Logo and theme of India’s G20 Presidency. (YouTube Videograb/Narendra Modi)

“The world is going through the after-effects of a disruptive once-in-a-century pandemic, conflicts and a lot of economic uncertainty,” he said. “The symbol of the lotus in the G20 logo is a representation of hope in this time. No matter how adverse the circumstances the lotus still blooms. Even if the world is in a deep crisis, we can still progress and make the world a better place.”

“In Indian culture, both the goddesses of knowledge and prosperity are seated on a lotus. This is what the world needs most today. Shared knowledge that helps us overcome our circumstances. Shared prosperity that reaches the last person at the last mile,” PM Modi said. “This is why, in the G20 logo, the earth is placed on lotus too.”

The Prime Minister elaborated, “The seven petals of the lotus in the logo are also significant. They represent the seven continents. Seven is also the number of notes in the universal language of music. In music, when the seven notes come together, they create a perfect harmony. But each note has its own uniqueness. Similarly, the G20 aims to bring the world together in harmony while respecting diversity.”

Modi further said that for India, the G20 summit is not just a diplomatic meeting, but India sees it as a new responsibility for itself.

The G20, a premier forum of the world’s top economies, represents around 85 per cent of the global GDP, over 75 per cent of the global trade, and about two-thirds of the world population.

According to an official statement, during its G20 Presidency, India will be holding about 200 meetings in 32 different sectors in multiple locations across the country. The G20 Summit will be held next year.

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