Top quotes from President Droupadi Murmu’s maiden Independence Day eve speech

In her  address to nation as the President of India on the eve of Independence Day, Droupadi Murmu said India can be credited for helping the world discover the true potential of democracy. She said the world has seen a new India rising in recent years and the country has proved skeptics wrong.

Here are the top quotes from President Droupadi Murmu’s speech today

# India can be credited to have helped world discover true potential of democracy.

# Keyword for India today is compassion for downtrodden, for needy and for those on the margins.

# India’s new-found confidence stems from the spirit of its youth, its farmers, and above all, its women.

# In most democratic countries, women had to struggle for a long time to get the right to vote. But from the very beginning of our republic, India adopted universal adult suffrage.

# Gender inequalities are reducing, women are breaking many glass ceilings. Our daughters are the biggest hope for the nation. From becoming fighter pilots to space scientists, our daughters are scaling great heights.

# In the past few years, a new India has taken shape. During the Covid pandemic, we achieved a lot more than many developed nations. We are grateful to the scientists and Covid warriors for this.

# Farmers and workers deserve credit for our robust economy. The economic growth has become more inclusive, with narrower disparities.

# Our beloved country has given us everything we have in our life. We should pledge to give everything we can for the sake of safety, security, progress and prosperity of our country.

# When the environment is facing new challenges, we must remain determined to preserve all that makes India beautiful. Conserving water, soil and bio-diversity is our duty towards our children.

# Caring for Mother Nature has been part and parcel of Indian culture. With our traditional lifestyle, we Indians can show the way to the rest of the world.

# I would like to extend Independence Day greetings to the armed forces, to the members of Indian missions abroad, and to the Indian diaspora who continue to make their motherland proud. My best wishes to all of you.

# On August 15, 1947, we broke the shackles of colonial rule. While celebrating the anniversary of this auspicious day, we salute all the freedom fighters. They sacrificed everything so that we can breathe in a free India.

# August 14 is being observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. The purpose of observing this Memorial Day is to promote social harmony, human empowerment and unity.

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