Uttarakhand: BJP MLA apologises for ‘patao Goddesses’ remarks

BJP MLA Bansidhar Bhagat on Thursday apologised for his recent remarks on Hindu deities, saying he withdraws them if they have hurt anyone’s sentiments.

However, he said his intentions were not wrong and by using the word “patao” he just meant coaxing the goddesses for their blessings. “My intentions were pure. By saying ‘patao’ I just meant coaxing the goddesses for their blessings. Still, if my words have hurt anyone, I take them back,” Bhagat told reporters.

Addressing an event in Haldwani on International Day of Girl Child on Tuesday, Bhagat, using the Hindi word “patao“, said, “One has to cajole Goddess Saraswati for education, Goddess Durga for strength and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth.” “…what does a man have…Lord Shiva lives in the Himalayas and Lord Vishnu in the ocean,” the MLA from Kaladhungi had said.

Reacting sharply to Bhagat’s comments, the Congress had accused him of hurting religious sentiments by his remarks.

A group of seers had also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to take action against Bhagat, a former president of the BJP’s Uttarakhand unit, for his remarks.

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